The new generation family office.

Scale Invest is the family office of Jens Wasel. He founded KW-Commerce together with Max Kronberg and built it up into one of the world’s largest marketplace retailers with over 25,000 products and more than 100 million euros in annual turnover, together with him and a team of 450 at last count.

Jens Wasel

Investor and Mentor

We build entrepreneurs.

With Scale Invest, we are building the new generation family office. All profits from our Real Estate, Ventures and Capital divisions flow back into the startup ecosystem or serve philanthropic purposes. We use most of the surpluses to build our own entrepreneurial academy Scale Apart.

With Scale Real Estate, we cover almost the entire real estate value chain. Our team deals with long-term portfolio investments and portfolio construction as well as niche real estate specialties. Information on our unique value-add strategy can be found here.

With Scale Ventures, we invest in start-ups and growing businesses. We are primarily active in the pre-seed or seed phase. We also support numerous young companies through various venture capital vehicles. You can find our investment focus and further information here.

With Scale Capital, we invest in public equity such as shares, index funds and bonds. Various private equity vehicles and hedge funds are also part of the broadly diversified portfolio. You can find out more about our strategy and further details here.

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