Investments & Shareholdings

Smart investments in diverse asset classes

Our family office Scale Invest always strives to invest broadly and diversified in order to generate high returns. Thanks to our professional competence and expertise in various economic metiers, we are able to combine what we consider to be the most important asset classes under one roof.

Scale Real Estate

Berlin / Brandenburg

Berlin Grunewald

Upscale redevelopment in Berlin Grunewald


Planning and construction of several semi-detached houses.


We also refurbish individual flats and offer special rentals.


A historic apartment building with sheds from the 18th century, which will be converted into living space by Scale Invest.



50-apartment residential building with commercial premises.


30-apartment apartment building.


Renovation of several detached houses near Dortmund.


A pretty 6-apartment house with adjoining detached house in a quiet location of Mönchengladbach with an unobstructed view.


An almost vacant apartment building that is being converted into an ESG-compliant property with high-quality and sustainable living space.


A cosy single-family house with a large plot is being divided up and redensified. Two high-quality terraced house apartments will be built here by mid-2024.


12 residential units with small and medium-sized flats will be renovated piece by piece over the next few years and thus offer students as well as families very good living space at a fair price.

Scale Ventures pushes ideas forward

The goal of Jens Wasel and the team at Scale Invest is to promote the start-up spirit in Germany, develop innovative business models and lead disruptive ideas to success. That is why we are constantly on the lookout for exciting opportunities to create maximum value with our knowledge and capital.


Smart tools like Amalyze and Admetrics are making entire industries more advanced and connected. This is why SaaS companies are in the investment focus of Scale Ventures.


Scale Invest founder Jens Wasel’s home is clearly in the eCommerce sector. We remain true to the industry at heart, which is why our investments range from Unicorn SellerX to numerous D2C brands such as Happyglam or Little Boar.


There is a special connection between our family office and the EdTech sector. For example, large parts of the proceeds from our investments benefit our own entrepreneurial academy Scale Apart. We are also actively involved in various educational programmes such as EWOR and Code University in Berlin.


Our belief in technology and the good in people connects Scale Ventures with the health tech industry #bepositive. That’s why we support startups like Careloop in the care and health sector.


In the real estate sector, too, technical innovations are regularly introduced in order to keep up with the increasing diversity of ESG and financing regulations. For this reason, we also participate in innovative PropTech companies  such as ENERGIEWERT.


The importance of entrepreneurship in the field of climate change is eminent in our view. To maximise positive impact, Scale Ventures invests in a number of companies in the solar, heat pump and energy renovation sector such as SHK Power. #actlongterm

An excerpt of our investments incl. exits

VC Funds

Neben Direktinvestitionen in Startups investieren wir einen Teil unseres Kapitals auch in Venture Capital Funds. Dieser Hebel ermöglicht es uns, eine noch größere Zahl an Gründerinnen und Gründern zu unterstützen.

An excerpt from our VC Fund investments:

Scale Capital

Scale Capital focuses on managing investments in publicly traded securities such as equities, bonds, funds and derivatives.

Our objective is to achieve a certain internal rate of return profile while ensuring appropriate diversification, monitoring and risk management.

As a family office, we strongly believe that a strategic core-satellite approach is fundamentally important for long-term investment success. This strategy is implemented by various banks and asset managers.

Points that are important to us:



Active & Passive Mix