Real Estate

Real estate as a component of a perfectly balanced portfolio

Real estate ownership traditionally forms the cornerstone of many people’s wealth. Scale Real Estate invests long-term in our steadily growing, diversified real estate portfolo. In this way, we secure our investments with substantial assets.

Our investment profile

We acquire multi-family houses and residential complexes competently, efficiently and with heart. 

We acquire multi-family houses and residential complexes for up to €20 million.

Our investment focus contains NRW and Brandenburg in Germany.

We assume at least 6% gross rental return.

There are no specifications in terms of square meter price and condition, as the properties are individual depending on the type and location.

A sneak peek into our projects

Berlin/ Brandenburg

Berlin Grunewald

Sophisticated renovation in Berlin Grunewald


Planning and construction of several semi-detached houses.


We also renovate individual apartments and offer special rentals like furnished apartments.


A historical building with coach houses from the 18th century, which are being converted into living space by Scale Invest.



50-parties residential building with commercial units at the ground level.


30-party apartment building.


Renovations of several single-family homes nearby Dortmund.


A pretty 6-party house with an adjoining single-family house in a quiet location in Mönchengladbach with an unobstructed view.


An almost empty apartment building that is being converted into an ESG-compliant property with high-quality and sustainable living space.


A cozy single-family house with a large plot of land is being divided up and densified. Two high-quality terraced houses will be built here by mid-2024.


12 residential units with small and medium-sized apartments will be renovated piece by piece over the next few years and thus offer students and families very good living space at a fair price.