Scale Ventures accelerates ideas

The goal of Jens Wasel and the Scale Invest team is to promote the entrepreneurial spirit in Germany, to develop innovative business models and to lead disruptive ideas to success. That’s why we are constantly looking for exciting ways to create maximum value with our knowledge and capital.


Smart tools like Amalyze are making entire industries more advanced and connected. For this reason, SaaS companies are part of the investment focus of Scale Ventures.


Originally, our founder Jens comes from the eCommerce space. At heart we remain loyal to the industry, which is why our holdings range from the German Unicorn  SellerX to numerous D2C Brands such as Happyglam or Little Boar.


A special bond exists between our family office and the EdTech sector. Large parts of the proceeds from ur investments benefit our own entrepreneurs academy Scale Apart. We also activel invest in various educational programs such EWOR and Code University in Berlin. 


Our belief in technology and the good in people connects Scale Ventures with the HealthTech industry #bepositive. That’s why we support startups like Careloop in the field of care and health.


Technical innovations are also regularly making their way into the real estate sector in order to be able to keep up with the increasing variety of ESG and financing regulations. For this reason, in addition to digital property management and energy consulting, we also participate in innovative PropTech companies.


From our point of view, the importance of entrepreneurship in the area of climate change is eminent. In order to achieve maximum positive impact, Scale Ventures is building several companies in the areas of solar, heat pumps and sustainable mobility #actlongterm.

The start-ups in the Scale Ventures portfolio are flanked by other meaningful investments from various areas. Our CleanTech start-ups work closely with our own construction companies (e.g. Avantis Bau), while our entire portfolio is supported by investments in web design and marketing (e.g. webwerker).

We also cover the recruiting topic, which is highly relevant for every start-up, by participating in headhunting (Addvalues).

In addition to pecuniary, technical and network-related support, we have succeeded in creating a well-rounded start-up ecosystem in which our investments can be supported in every conceivable way.

Scale Ventures – Our Investments

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VC Funds

In addition to direct investments in startups, we also invest in venture capital funds. This lever enables us to support an even larger number of founders.

An excerpt from our VC Fund investments

Ready for take off

Benefit from over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience

Strong Support 

by a young and motivated team that works in-house if necessary

Excellent network

From different areas of founding and business execution