About Us

Not the typical family office.

The Scale Invest corporate culture is characterised by enthusiasm, cohesion and motivation. Our team of smart and creative high-performers, divided into Scale Real Estate, Scale Ventures and Scale Capital, works hand in hand every day to achieve optimal results.

The Scale Invest team

Jens Wasel

Investor and Mentor

Niels Fritze

Head of Family Office

Fabian Harrichhausen

Investment Manager

Leonard Logisch

Real Estate

Tobias Wecke

Real Estate

Alfred Hanus


Sofia Perih

Facility Management

Jonas Logisch


Our vision

We help 1000 entrepreneurs to build great and meaningful companies by 2030.

Our principles

We do not believe in rigid rules that destroy any form of creativity. We believe in our framework of 7 principles that make everything possible.

be focused

be positive

be a teamplayer

act long-term

promise and deliver

keep it simple

get things done


In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, time for charitable activities often comes up short. That is why we actively focus on philanthropic projects and expressly wish to be approached with suggestions.

Donations for Ukraine

Aktion Deutschland hilft

Donations for Africa

Oyani Bridge Academy

Fontanherzen e.V.

Kinderdorf Kienwerder